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 Thanks to the miracle of the Internet, not only do I have my own website on which to publish my photographs, but I can even pay to get my self-published books onto the 'virtual shelves' of an online bookshop - Blurb
 From here, anyone can buy my books and get them delivered to their own doorstep - how cool is that :-) !? Click on the links below to go to Blurb Books online book store and check out the previews of my books.
"Black & White - Volume One (2009- 2016)" - £22.95
"The Venice Carnival - 2011" softback - £22.95
 There's also a hardback version of this book available, but despite its coffee table-friendly size and excellent paper quality, I'm going to recommend that you give this version a miss. It was my first attempt and there are a few errors in the text (punctuation mostly). Mainly though, it costs over twice times as much as the smaller, softback version (which has roughly the same content anyway). I can't really help this, as the price of creating a book using all of the best options (largest size, best gloss paper, bound hard cover etc.) is significantly higher.
 Here it is anyway ...
"The Venice Carnival - 2011" hardback - £59.95
 Just to clarify, these books cannot be purchased directly from me via my website. If you choose to buy one, you need to open an account with Blurb Books and pay them to manufacture it and deliver it to you. I simply get paid a small commission (less than £3) on each sale.