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 05 Dec 2009 - Finally shook of my general apathy and went out into the woods with the camera again :-). Tried really hard to get some good pictures of the (distant) small birds, but struggled a bit due to the low light levels and some focusing difficulties. The only three half-decent shots are on the 'Birds' page and there are also some pictures of fungi on the 'Still Life' page and one new sunset pic on the 'Landscapes' page. To be honest, none of these pics are as good as things I've done previously, but at least I'm out there trying again ;-).
 November 2009 - The first month where I didn't take a single photograph, since I began photography as a hobby :-( .
 October 2009 - Absolutely no new pictures for the website whatsoever, due to my new (Monday-Friday) job killing all of my 'photography time' :-( .
 06 Sep 2009 - Had a great day out yesterday with my friend, colleague and fellow photographer, Frank B. We visited the disused 'Continental' tyre factory on the outskirts of Hannover (in Limmer) and spent three happy hours snapping away, whilst constantly listening out for the pitter-patter of tiny junkie feet ;-). Luckily, we only met with juvenile graffiti artists and a fellow 'togger' and so lived to download the pictures and tell the tale! You can see the results in the brand new, "Industrial Decay" section. They won't be to everyone's taste, but I haven't enjoyed processing any of my own photos, as much as I enjoyed doing these, in a long time.
 29 Aug 2009 - Planned to go out with my camera today and capture some more sunny, summer landscapes - the weather had other ideas! Consequently, I had to resort to sticking my camera out of the window and shooting some clouds. The moodiest of these is on the 'Still Life' page.
 22 Aug 2009 - Went on a bike tour around the city with my brother, who's visiting me this week. We both took our Nikon D40 cameras and snapped away at various things. Best 'find' of the day was undoubtedly the old, disused Continental Tyre factory in a town called Limmer. To view this decaying 'beauty', have a look at the 'Landscape', 'Architecture' and 'Still Life' sections.
 16 Aug 2009 - Only took about 3 or 4 photos on my early morning bike tour this morning. One of them is on the 'Landscape' page.
 06 Aug 2009 - Another early start today (6 a.m.), which saw me photographing the town hall (Rathaus) yet again, as well as getting myself and my camera very wet whilst playing around in a fountain (fine behaviour for a grown man :-) ). Results are in 'Landscape', 'Still Life', 'Abstract & Processed' and 'Vehicles'.
 03 Aug 2009 - Finally got a day off work and after laying awake all night, I got up at 5 a.m. and went out with my D700, tripod and 10 stop neutral density filter. The results were some very long exposure shots, which can be seen in 'Abstract & Processed', 'Landscape' and 'People & Portraits'.
 24 Jul 2009 - Went to a local wine festival with my camera and photographed .... olives! Those are on the 'Still Life' page. Also tried a very long exposure using a 10-stop ND filter to photograph lots of blurry people in the city centre (see 'People & Portraits').
 22 Jul 2009 - New skyline pictures on the "Landscapes" page.
 19 Jul 2009 - After no hours sleep (and in an effort to make up for the fact that I've been 'out of action' a bit, recently), I packed my heaviest (i.e. most flexible) kit bag, strapped my tripod to my trusty ol' bicycle and set off for jolly ole Hannover City ... (again)! Got a few useful shots ('Architecture', 'Abstract & Processed', 'Still Life' and even 'Vehicles'), but also missed a few ;-(.
 19 Jul 2009 - Went out at 5 a.m. to try and get some interesting shots using my new flash gun, but didn't really manage it! Out of about 80 shots, only two made it onto here (both in 'Architecture'), although they're nothing special. Still, it was a good learning experience (and a nice, long bike ride).
 29 Jun 2009 - Had a bit of a varied session this morning, so there's something new on just about every page (apart from; Birds, People & Portraits, Travel and Vehicles). Go have a look ;-). Also, my Home page counter hit 1,000 today - whoo hoo!!!
 28 Jun 2009 - Reinstated the "People & Portraits" section and moved any pictures with people in from the Still Life page, into the new category. Added a new Abstract and a new Still Life, as well.
 14 Jun 2009 - Took some scenes of 'industrial decay', whilst out walking this morning. This was mainly so that I could try processing them with some new imaging software that I'm trialling (Adobe Lightroom 2). Results are satisfactory and are on the Still Life page.
 09 Jun 2009 - Five beautiful, young women seem to have strayed onto my "Still Life" page tonight - but only two of them are actually 'living'!?
 08 Jun 2009 - Added, "The Magic Wand" to Abstracts & Processed - this image was over 12 hours in the making!
 04 Jun 2009 - A couple of flowers from my mum's garden were added to the "Still Life" page.
 28 May 2009 - Made a quick bike tour around the city at 5am and picked up a few photographic gems. See Architecture, Still Life and Abstract & Processed.
 20 May 2009 - Had another wander around Hannover (town & country), re-shot a few images, which I used to replace some of those already on my website and took a few new ones too. Results are in; Architecture, Landscapes & Still Life (again).
 17 May 2009 - My boss very kindly let me out of work an hour early yesterday, which enabled me to get out and catch a few pictures of the sunset around the airport where I work. I also took a couple of pics around the city, after it got dark. Results are in; Architecture, Landscapes & Still Life sections.
 15 May 2009 - Updated the "Camera Equipment" page to include my new wide angle lens (even though it's in England and I haven't actually used it yet) and also removed the Olympus equipment, all of which has now been sold.
 05 May 2009 - Went for a walk around the city of Hannover last night, armed with my best camera, lens and tripod and re-shot some places that I'd photographed before (only not as well) and also had fun using my new 10-stop grey filter to get some very long exposures in bright light - even directly into the Sun, in a few instances! The results are lurking in "Architecture", "Landscapes" and "Still Life". Enjoy!
 01 May 2009 - Photo of the Month page updated.
 24 Apr 2009 - Went down to the weekly local biker meet, armed with my tripod (for better pictures, not for self-defence) and got some new pics for the "Vehicles" section. I sent copies of these pictures (and more) to three different owners. Let's hope they like them, or I'll have to avoid the city centre on Fridays, from now on :-(
 21 Apr 2009 - Phew - Tough day! I was up at 4 a.m. and shooting the sunrise again, then cycled to the office for a full day's work, only to stay up until late, to then go and photograph the sunset over the local city-centre lake. The fruits of this particular labour can be seen on the "Landscapes" page.
 20 Apr 2009 - "Snapped" a few sunrise pictures on my bicycle ride to work this morning, using my cheapest camera/lens, no tripod and no filters - they turned out to look amazing and so I've added them to the "Landscape" and "Architecture" pages.
 19 Apr 2009 - a.k.a. "D Day" for my website :-(. Due to popular demand, I have totally re-ordered all of the photographs in each section of the website, so that the most recent pictures are at the top of the page (cue the chorus of "Hallelujah"). I know what a pain in the arse it was for everyone to view before, but I think that you'll find it a lot easier to use now ;-). On top of that, I've split the former "Wildlife" section into two new ones - "Animals" and "Birds", as it was turning into a pretty big page. The "Transportation Units" section, has now been re-named simply, "Vehicles", as the "Mighty Boosh" in-joke reference was going nowhere really. Finally, I went through and added some comments underneath a few of the old images (mostly in the "Abstract & Processed" section), as I felt that they would benefit from a bit of further explanation. Enjoy!
 18 Apr 2009 - Now you can see lots of new animals and birds, as well as a castle and some nice landscapes from my recent trip to Marienburg.
 09 Apr 2009 - Lots of new photos from around Hannover added to "Abstract & Processed", "Architecture" and "Still Life" sections.
 08 Apr 2009 - "People & Portraits" section removed due to a complete lack of any new material for it.
 03 Apr 2009 - Some new shots from around Hannover added to "Architecture", "Landscapes" and "Still Life" sections.
 31 Mar 2009 - After my trip to the UK last week, I've added pics to most sections (apart from "Travel", "People & Portraits").
 21 Mar 2009 - Renamed "Other Stuff" to "Transportation Units" and added some motorbike pics.
 19 Mar 2009 - Just added a couple more images to the "Abstract & Processed" section.
 13 Mar 2009 - Caught up with my friend, the Wood Duck again. See him on the "Wildlife" page today!
 09 Mar 2009 - Lots of colourful ducks added to the "Wildlife" page, as well as gory pictures of a crow having his breakfast :-(
 28 Feb 2009 - New POTM added for March.
 22 Feb 2009 - A couple more (albeit not very good) "Abstracts" added today.
 19 Feb 2009 - More crow photographs added to the "Wildlife" section.
 09 Feb 2009 - "Crack Fox" You Tube link added, along with "What's New?" and "Photo of the Month" pages.
 08 Feb 2009 - Website goes "live" for the first time.