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 25 December 2011 - After spending a messy hour in the bathroom last night (don't worry ;-) ) ... developing a roll of film, I spent hours today scanning the negatives, cleaning them up and posting the results on the '35mm Film' page. Using film is certainly a lot of hard work when you're not used to it, but so far I'm really enjoying it :-) .

 20 December 2011 - Today I marked an important milestone in my photographic hobby - I developed my very first roll of film :-) ! Although not exactly rocket science, there is something very special about controlling not just the whole framing, focusing and exposure process in-camera, but also the clean and accurate developing of the film itself. Kind of like having a baby, I suppose, but with less blood and a lot more chemicals :-) . Anyway, you can see my new 'offspring' on the '35mm Film' page, should you so wish. As well as the b&w ones, there are some freshly posted scans from a roll of colour film, which I shot earlier in the year but have only just had processed this week.
 02 December 2012 - Finally, after months starved of productivity, I got to travel to a place which always fuels my imagination and my appetite for photography - Venice! I had five full days of photography and took over 800 shots in total (most of which were bursts of 3 to 6 attempts at capturing the same subject with various camera settings, rather than being 800 totally different scenes). Unlike my last visit there (in Feb 2011, when I went to photograph the Carnival), this one was all about the city itself - the narrow streets, canals, amazing buildings, vistas and unique details which make the city so recognisable all around the world. The results of my labours can be seen on the newly-created 'Venice 2011' page (which replaces the previously entitled 'Travel' page). I hope that many of you who visit will give me some feedback via my 'Guest Book', as it gets so little use that I think I may even have to remove it from my website soon (the almost total lack of recent entries makes it look as though nobody ever visits my photo galleries, which I know not to be true).
 18 November 2011 - I'll be glad to see the end of this month - this year, come to that :-( ! Bronchitis has kept me 'busy' for the last 6 weeks and the last two of those have been spent at home, sick. As I can't get out to do any new photography, I thought that I would compensate by tidying up the website a little. Having recently bought a flat-bed scanner, I was able to get out the negatives from my '35mm Film (b&w)' exploits and scan larger versions to adorn the appropriate page. There'll be more to come on that page next year, as I have decided to have a go at processing my own film from now on :-). Watch that space! 02 November 2011 - As I'm stuck in most evenings with a seemingly never ending cold/bad chest, I have taken to trawling through my archives to see if there is anything worth displaying here. As it is, there were still a few decent shots of the 'Venice Carnival Masks' which haven't yet seen the light of day, including several costumes that you might not have seen yet. So, I added a few to what is undoubtedly my favourite page of my website :-).

 28 October 2011 - Not a very productive month for my camera & I, October, but then I was sick for most of it and always seem to hit blank patch around this time of year, regardless :-(. Anyway, I took advantage of the unexpectedly sunny weather today and left work early to go and try for some late autumn shots. Didn't come up with much, but what there is can be found on the 'Landscape' and 'Architecture' pages. 30 September 2011 - Took my camera and a tripod and cycled around Hannover looking for some suitable night time scenes. Results are on the 'Architecture', 'Landscape' and 'Still Life/General' pages.


 23 September 2011 - The evening light was really beautiful today. I took my camera down to the lakeside and photographed people messing around in sailing boats and various vistas. Unfortunately, when I got home and reviewed the images ... I hated them all :-(. The only one that I wanted to keep was one of a row of wicker chairs lined up against a wall. As the Americans are fond of saying ... go figure! You can see these 'monumental stools' (fnaar, fnaar) on the 'Still Life/General' page, should the urge take you.

 20 September 2011 - Having recently purchased some (entirely) manual focus lenses, I needed to find some very still subjects to practise on, so ... I went to the local cemetery! The results found their way, logically enough, onto the 'Graveyards' page. 

 19 August 2011 - Again, not a great month for getting out and taking any pictures, due to the fact that Mother Nature appears to have had some trouble with 'downloading' the summer this year and the installation stuck at somewhere around 23% :-(. Consequently, I have been forced back to my archive of unused photos and (being as I'm planning another trip to Venice soon) decided to unveil a few of the shots that I took around Venice in February, but haven't yet posted. See them on the 'Travel' page.
 26 July 2011 - Added a new page to my website ('Noel & Valentina's Wedding' to display the photos that I took at my friend's wedding in Devon last week.
 25 July 2011 - After a self-imposed two month break from photography, to 'recharge my batteries', I was asked to take some pictures at a friend's wedding in England this month and so happened to have my camera with me during my short visit to London. I found a few things of interest there, which wound up on the 'Abstract', 'Architecture', 'Doors', 'People' and 'Still Life/General' pages.
 06 May 2011 - Went to the Frühlingsfest (a kind of fun-fair, to celebrate the coming of spring in Germany) with fellow Nikon D700 user, Bernd (a.k.a. Hanpixxler, on Flickr). It was pretty busy by the time we arrived and a little tricky to get close enough to the rides to photograph them, without getting in everyone's way. Still, I managed to get a few shots that I was happy with and they can be seen on the 'People' and 'Still Life/General' pages.
 30 April 2011 - Rounded off this (frequently) very productive month of the year for outdoor photography by getting out on the bike again and exploring the area surrounding Hannover. I found quite a good variation of things to photograph, once the daylight became tame enough (in the evening). Consequently, there are new pictures on several pages, namely; 'Architecture', 'Industrial Decay', 'Landscape', 'Still Life/General' and 'Transportation'.
 24 April 2011 - Easter Sunday. I skipped church ;-) and decided to spend the day out on my bike instead, cycling around the countryside surrounding Hannover city. I'm glad that I did, as I the sun was shining and I found some very picturesque locations. Sadly, they were 'picturesque' in the, "nice to look at; hard to photograph" sense of the word :-(. Besides, with bright sunshine overhead, colours never look their best and shadows don't have much form. The few pictures from today, which I have decided to display, were mostly the ones from the end of the day (when the light was fading and I could inject some 'drama' into the photos by under-exposing the scenes). Have a look at the latest on 'Animals', 'Landscapes' and 'Still Life/General' to (possibly) see what I mean.
 19 April 2011 - Now that spring is truly here, the local wildlife should be out in force, showing off their assorted finery. Sadly, only the Mandarin ducks seem to have got this message and the buzzards are still nowhere to be seen :-(. Consequently, I have added a few more duck pics to the 'Birds' page today.
 11 April 2011 - Went to the leaving do of my friend and colleague, Kathrin Schumacher, held in a local bar which is a firm favourite with our 'firm'. I took my camera along and attempted to get some photos to remind Kathrin of the night and of some of her (soon to be) ex-colleagues. To share these photos, I've created a new page called, 'Kathrin's Leaving Do', which I will leave up for a month or so, before deleting it. Anyone who wants copies of these photos should just download them directly from the page (by right-clicking on them and saving the .jpg files).
 10 April 2011 - Spring arrived in Hannover today. Actually, it arrived yesterday, but I was too busy having a stomach ache to go out and meet it. Anyway, I made up for it this morning, by getting on my bike (literally) and pedalling around some old favourite haunts, camera in hand. I can't claim any ground-breaking achievements, but at least there are now some fresh pictures on the following pages for you all to take a peek at: 'Architecture', 'Landscape' and 'Still Life/General'.
 13 March 2011 - Having now processed and posted my shots from the Venice Carnival, I finally got around to adding the photographs of Venice itself to my website, on the re-introduced 'Travel' page. As I was mainly in Venice to photograph the carnival costumes, I didn't take many around the city itself, so I need to go again another year and try again I think ;-) .
 10 March 2011 - Venice Carnival photos are done!!! Those of you who have been in touch with me this year will know that I planned to visit the Venice Carnival this March, to photograph the people in costume (known as, the 'Masks'). Well, I did, as well as having an excellent, five day holiday in the world's most beautiful city. Each day, I got up at 6am and went to St. Mark's Square, where the Masks gather, awaiting the sunrise. The weather allowed me to capture both colourful and moody skies, as well as beautiful golden sunlight - photographer's paradise! I'll let you make up your own minds about how good the pictures are, but I'm not going to be falsely modest here - these pictures far exceeded my own expectations and are (by a very long way) the best things I've ever done with a digital camera!!! If I die tomorrow, I'll die happy, having made these memorable (for me) images. You can see them on the newly-created, 'Venice Carnival Masks' page.
 01 March 2011 - Being, currently, somewhat fixated with playing with 35mm film SLRs, all of my photography during February was of the non-digital variety. Today, I got back my second ever roll of processed film from the local photographic shop. The lengths that I had to go to in order to get some of the pictures on that roll of film were far in excess of the 'comfort zone', where I usually take most of my digital pictures. The fact that nearly every shot on the roll came out with near perfect focus and exposure has sold me completely on the idea of continuing to use manual SLRs and manual focus lenses for my film exploits, as the sense of satisfaction that I get from seeing a well-constructed 'film photograph', is about 20 times that of making a good capture with one of my digital cameras. It's probably just the novelty of it all, but I hope that it lasts! Anyway, today I posted the best 16 of the 36 exposures from a roll of ISO 1600 (high grain), b&w film (true b&w this time, not pseudo b&w like the last roll) on the '35mm Film' page. A few of these images resemble the kind of pictures that drew me to photography in the first place. The portraits of Hanan, a stranger whom I met in a karaoke bar and asked her if I could photograph her, as well as a couple of the 'street' shots, are amongst the best photographs I've ever taken (in my opinion). I'm not often instantly proud of what I do with a camera, but I'll make an exception for some of these!
 19 February 2011 - Updated the 'Camera Equipment' page (again) and also the 'Published Photos' section, on account of having a photograph of one of my cameras used on the website of a rather cool camera accessory manufacturer, called Tim Isaac.
 10 February 2011 - Was stuck at home with a cold today :-( , so I decided to use the time to update the 'Camera Equipment' page, to reflect all of the buying and selling that's gone on of late. With better health and better weather, I hope that I can actually get and use some of it soon :-).
 28 January 2011 - Having finally got around to processing the first roll of film from several successive 35mm film cameras, I decided to mark the occasion by creating a new website page, dedicated to this dying format. The initial offerings are modest and lack the pure, technical image quality of most of the other photographs on this website, but I did have to work that much harder to get them and so they deserve their place. You can see these side-show freaks on the freshly-minted '35mm Film Scans' page.
 16 January 2011 - Left the apartment at 7 a.m. to go in search of a good spot to catch the sunrise. I needn't have bothered - the low, thick clouds put paid to that idea! Nonetheless, I did manage a couple of atmospheric shots of the dawn breaking through the trees down by the Herrenhauser Gartens. Also, in keeping with the trend set last weekend, I found some more (I hope) interesting doors to add to my collection. New pics are on the 'Doors', 'Landscape' and 'Still Life & General' pages.
 08 January 2011 - Well, it's the start of another new year and I hope that this will be one in which I will have my most productive months to date! Photography is becoming even more important to me, rather than becoming a worn out novelty (as often happens with hobbies, after a year or so). Today (Saturday), I set out armed with my D700, a 50mm prime, an 85mm prime and my wide angle (17-35mm) zoom lens. The initial idea was to use the high ISO capabilities of the camera to capture some of the interesting architectural quirks around Hannover, in the low light (caused by the gloomy weather), as well as doing some indoor stuff. As luck would have it, the sun put in a rare appearance and I was able to make a few outdoor shots too. A lot of my new pictures were taken in and around the 'new' Town Hall (Rathaus) in Hannover, as well as various locations around the centre of the town. There are over 25 new photos to see, in the following locations: 'Abstract/Processed', 'Architecture', 'Landscape', and 'Still Life/General'.