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 28 November 2012 - I keep a camera (and tripod) in the boot of my car these days, just in case I'm driving along (with time to spare) and see something worth photographing. Well, tonight ... I did! There was a signpost on my route home from work, which mentioned a 'castle'. Given that there was a full moon and some clouds in the sky, I decided to go and have a look. As it turned out, there was no access to the castle itself, so I ended up just photographing the crazy illuminated trees that lined the entrance to the gate. Next door to the castle was a church, which was actually more photogenic - so I took a picture of that too (see 'Architecture' and 'Landscape').
 25 November 2012It may not look like it to regular visitors to my website, but I'm actually very busy updating it at the moment. Since getting a new computer with a much better monitor than my previous one (as well as the latest release of the Adobe 'Lightroom 4' software to go with it), I have begun to re-process most of my photograph collection and am slowly changing the old versions on this site for newer (hopefully) better ones. On top of that, I am taking the opportunity to add some never before seen photos and to remove some of the more tired, old ones. Whilst I'm at it, I have decided to modify the categories slightly, so that I have more options for places to put those harder to categorise photos. The first new section is simply entitled, "Nature" and is intended for any photos which don't fit into the 'Birds' or 'Animals' categories, but are not quite full 'Landscape' pictures either. 
 18 November 2012Decided to drive down to the south coast, for the first time since moving back to England, but left it rather too late in the day :-( . Although the drive to Hastings was only a 45 minute one, I insisted on having an afternoon nap before I left and  so by the time I arrived the sun was well and truly on its way down. I had no time to scout out the best locations to capture the sunset, so made do with a (black and white) shot from somebody's driveway and a colour one from a popular headland (filled with other, better prepared, photographers). These two shots are on the 'Landscape' page.
 18 October 2012Added a new menu option to the 'Photos' menu - 'Medium Format film'. Yes, it's true - I've started to use the 'big boys film format'! You won't see the advantages of this over 35mm film when viewing the examples on my website, but in the event that I ever want to make a large/good quality print of one of my photos, this format will ensure much better results.
 02 October 2012Posted my first set of new photographs since moving back to England last week, although in actual fact these were all taken in mid-September when I was still technically living in Germany and only visiting England on holiday. The photos were all taken at the 'Goodwood Revival Festival' and can be found in a special new category, entitled, 'Photos - Goodwood Revival'.
 September 2012 - Dear Visitors, you will probably have noticed that there have been no new photographs posted here for a while now. The reason for this is that I am in the middle of the (complex) process of leaving my current job, home and country, in order to move back to England and have not had any time for photography. It may be a few more weeks before I get time to resume my photographic hobby, but when I do, you can expect to see a lot of new scenery that I haven't photographed before. Thanks for your patience. See you again in October some time ;-) ! 
 05 August 2012 - Yesterday, I treated myself to a new lens - the fabulous Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8 ! In my hurry to go and try it out, I went to a few favourite locations and re-took some photos that I'd previously shot with my other ultra-wide angle lens (the Nikon 17-35mm f/2.8). I liked the performance of the new lens very much and am really looking forward to traveling with it in the future (starting with Venice again, in November). The new shots are on the 'Architecture', 'Landscape' and 'Miscellaneous' pages.
 30 July 2012Tonight, after work, I went to the local photography shop and collected a roll of colour film that I had sent in last week. The quality of the processing (if not the photos) was really pleasing. You can see them on the '35mm film' page. 
 23 July 2012Went up onto the top of a nearby hillside, overlooking the city and added a couple of sunset photos to the 'Landscape' page, as well as adding a nice, curvy building to the 'Architecture' page.
 09 June 2012 - Took a ride into the nearby countryside on my new (Vespa) scooter and made sure that I had a camera with me. Although I didn't find any interesting landscapes, I did meet a couple of cows :-) . They looked like they needed a little love, so I put their 'portraits' on the 'Animals' page.
 30 May 2012 - What a night last night was! I went to see one of the best contemporary rock bands in the world (in my opinion, at least), who also have one of the longest band names that I know of - 'And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead'. I was given a Press Pass and permission to photograph the whole concert. The gig was excellent, as were the hours that I spent in the company of the band after that :-) . The photographs are gracing the newly created, "Gigs & Shows" page. 
 20 May 2012 - It was a nice sunny day here in Hannover today, so what did I do with it? I went trespassing on Army property, crawling around a disused and totally vandalised barracks, looking for potential photographs. There wasn't really a lot there to see, but I added a few photos to my 'Urbex' gallery, just to keep it going.
 18 May 2012 - I seem to be shooting quite a lot of film at the moment. Yesterday, I shot and scanned a whole roll of (black and white) film in around and Hannover. See the '35mm Film' page.
 15 May 2012 - Managed to develop another roll of film tonight, so there are some more new shots from around Hannover city centre to look at on the '35mm Film' page.
 04 May 2012 - I was in Hamburg for two days this week, having a mini holiday/city break. Naturally, I took my camera along. There's a new sub-section to the 'Travel' section, showing the handful of pictures that I came up with.
 22 April 2012 - Continuing with my experiments in developing 35mm film negatives, yesterday I took the fully exposed roll of Kodak Tri-X 400 out of my Nikon F3 and gave it 3 minutes in some Diafine developer. As I had shot this roll at ISO 1000 ('pushing' it), I didn't know what to expect in terms of contrast and grain. The results were pleasantly surprising - not as 'clean' as the Fuji Acros 100, which I developed the previous weekend, but certainly with a grainier and very 'film-like' appearance. Film buffs can see the results on the '35mm Film' page.
 15 April 2012 - Got up at stupid o'clock again and went out into the woods, armed with my remote control camera, looking for more red squirrels. I got lucky (again) on only my second attempt at this and I think that today's pictures are even better than yesterday's 'Camera Loving Squirrel' efforts. You can judge for yourself on the 'Animals' page, but do prepared to go "Aaaaahhhhh, isn't she cute" :-) !  I also got around to scanning the negatives that I developed yesterday and so there are now some new photos (real 'photos') on the '35mm Film' page too.
 14 April 2012Following several unsuccessful attempts over the last few weekends to get anywhere near the busy woodland creatures in the forest on my doorstep, even with my longest lens, I tried a new strategy today. Instead of keeping the camera in my hands and trying to conceal myself behind trees for cover, I put the camera on a tiny tripod by the base of a tree, pre-focused it on a certain spot (using a wide angle lens) and hid myself behind a tree 50 yards away, with a radio remote control transmitter (for the camera's shutter) and a pair of binoculars (so that I knew when to push the button). Admittedly, hazelnuts bribes were also involved ;-) . I didn't really expect much success on the first outing, but I was wrong - I got some great shots of a female squirrel. The fact that I could tell that she was a female, gives you some idea of just how 'close up and personal' the photos were ;-) . You can meet her today on the 'Animals' page.
 31 March 2012Returned from a three day long city break in Maastricht, Holland with only a dozen or so photos to show for it. Nonetheless, I decided to re-introduce the 'Travel' section to my website and post all of the pictures in there, instead of spreading them around the general categories on the website.
 26 March 2012Spent another afternoon in the nearby forest, armed only with three slices of bread and a 300mm lens. I managed to get some half decent shots of two different species of woodpecker, but as the buzzards were being elusive again, I ended up taking the easy option and photographing some more ducks (and a toad) on the nearby pond. Birds are on the 'Birds' page and the toad is lurking atop the 'Animals' page.
 25 March 2012Now that spring has finally seen fit to arrive, I decide to go and see what the woodland creatures were up to this morning. The mice were very busy, scuttling around in the undergrowth, but the buzzards were conspicuous by their absence and so I had to make do with some photographs of a (rather rare, but beautiful) 'albino' Mandarin duck. See, 'Birds'.
 21 March 2012 - It had been a while since I had done any digital photography, having been busy messing about with b&w film (and with re-building my website) for the past few months, so I decided to go and revisit some favourite haunts. The new town hall in Hannover is a very attractive building, but I didn't have any good night time shots of it, so I took my tripod and had a few attempts to come up with something 'original'. I also added a few shots from a brief trip around town a couple of weeks ago. New shots appear in the following categories:'Architecture', 'Miscellaneous' and 'People' (although I cheated with the 'people' definition ;-)). 
 18 March 2012 - Finally, the new version of my website (Version 3.0) is released onto the Worldly Wise Web for the first time :-) . Against all expectations though, wars rage on, famines continue unabated and politicians continue to lie through their teeth. Perhaps v3.0 is not of such globe-shattering importance after all :-( !?
 08 March 2012 - Went to the airport to meet my brother, who was visiting for a few days and decided to take my camera and tripod with me so that I could kill some of the waiting time by photographing the new car park that was recently built outside the main terminal. It's quite a modern and clean design, which looks good when lit up in blue at night. Photos from the evening are on the 'Architecture' and 'Vehicles' pages. 
 26 February 2012 - Went out on a cold and sunny Sunday afternoon with one of my 35mm film cameras (the Nikon FA, in fact) and shot of a roll of b&w film of people enjoying themselves skating on the frozen lake, as well as a few shots of some parked cars. Results are on the '35mm Film' page, as expected.  
 20 February 2012 - version 2.1 website is taken down, to eventually be replaced by the all-new version 3.0 :-) .
 30 January 2012 - I spent this weekend in Berlin, as I had some leave from last year to use up and fancied trying to get to know my adopted country's capital city a little bit better. Sadly though,the weather was appalling for 'scenery' photography and an annoying problem with my foot kept me from covering as much distance as I would have liked :-(. Consequently, I only actually photographed one thing - the Holocaust memorial, near the Brandenburg gate. Results are on the 'Architecture' page.´