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 23 August 2013 - Today I drove down to the south-easternmost tip of England - to the port of Dover. Famed for its 'white cliffs', the overcast and hazy weather ensured that I couldn't effectively photograph them :-( . So, I had to make do with a handful of shots of other iconic Dover subjects (from various odd perspectives). New photos are on the 'Architecture', 'Animals' and 'Vehicles' pages.

 08 July 2013So, it's been a while (to say the least), but today I finally managed to drag myself and my camera away from the sofa and on a trip to the seaside :-) . It should have been a warm and sunny day (according to the forecast), but it quickly turned cloudy and with the strong winds, was rather chilly in the end :-( . I avoided snapping all of the 'obvious' stuff (I think) and came up with an assortment of odds an ends, sprinkled across the following categories; 'Architecture', 'Landscape', Nature', 'People' & 'Miscellaneous'.
 26 February 2013Frankly, I can hardly believe that I've been back in England for nearly 6 months already ... and haven't taken any new photos (apart from a handful of nature ones) :-( !? I haven't given up with photography, but I just don't seem to have as much time for it as I did when I was bored and living in Germany. Anyway, in the absence of any new photos, I decided to make a change to the website. Over a year ago, I set up the 'Latest Photos' page in response to a few visitors who said that they didn't want to wade through all of the categories just to see what (if anything) had been added since their last visit. It was a fair point, but what I feared might happen as a result ... IS happening. Now, a lot of new visitors to the website are finding the 'Latest Photos' category and only viewing that, thinking that they will find all of my photos if they scroll down far enough. I've actually spoken to a few of these people, who told me that they hadn't even spotted the sub-menu under the 'Photos' category and so were unaware of just how much content their actually is on the website. This is not really acceptable to me, so I have decided to remove the 'Latest Photos' section again - it was proving quite a headache to maintain it anyway. So, in future, if you are a regular visitor and want to know if anything is new, just come straight to this page and read this 'Diary' - it will tell you which categories the new photos are in :-) .I hope that I can produce some new ones in the coming months, once the Sun makes its (welcome) return ;-) .