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 29 September 2014 - I've been shooting film again recently and decided that, instead of continuing to try and develop it myself, I would save myself the hassle by getting it done professionally (by Ag Photographic, in this case). I scanned the best shots from the two rolls that they processed for me and added them to the '35mm Film' page. 

 09 September 2014After what seems like a lifetime, I have finally got some new photos to post. I took a(nother) drive down to the south coast today and ended up at Birling Gap, near Eastbourne and Beachy Head. On the way I discovered the Cuckmere valley, where the river winds down on its last stretch to the sea and people go to para-glide. The resultant photos can be found in the, 'Landscape', 'Street and Candid' and 'Black & White' sections.
 05 May 2014The bluebells are out in force at the moment, although finding a suitable places (locally) to go and photograph them has proved difficult this year - most of the forests containing them seem to be on private land :-( . Nonetheless, I managed to find a couple of areas where I could photograph them from the perimeter (i.e. outside the fence). Results are on the 'Nature' page.
 09 March 2014As the forecast weather was supposed to be unseasonably warm and sunny today, I decided to have another day out in London. My aim was to do some 'street photography', but the final outcome was a mixture of different subjects. In order to better separate the candid and posed 'people' pictures on my website, I have now created a brand new category, 'Street and Candid', which is where many of today's photos ended up. There are also a handful of new entries on the 'Architecture', 'Landscape' and 'Miscellaneous' pages. 
 22 February 2014 - I was supposed to be going to London today to meet with a friend. As it was, that 'friend' (you know who you are ;-) ), didn't turn up and so I was able to spend the whole day taking photographs instead :-) . It was quite a productive day too, as the sun was shining and there were some small, dense white clouds in the sky - my favourite conditions for both colour and b&w photography! There are new entries on the 'Architecture', 'Landscape' and 'Miscellaneous' pages, but more excitingly (for me at least), there is now a whole new category - 'Black and White' :-) . Interestingly, I spent the whole day shooting with just one, fixed focal length (28mm) lens and so every picture that I took had to be adapted to fit the framing possibilities of that lens. It's far more restrictive than using a zoom lens, but is a great exercise in learning to 'see' at a specific focal length and results in having far less heavy gear to carry around, too. Bonus! I think that I may well continue to use that one camera/one lens approach for days when I go to visit towns and cities and have to walk a lot (especially in the warmer weather).
 16 February 2014 Yesterday, I had a 'mini holiday'. Very 'mini', in fact, just one night in a hotel! I visited the southern coastal town of Eastbourne (affectionately know as, "God's Waiting Room", due to the vast numbers of elderly people who live there). My reasons for choosing to go there were, firstly, because I have been thinking about moving there and wanted to do some further research and secondly, because there are a few things worth photographing there. I spent my time concentrating on just two or three main subjects and have posted the results on the 'Architecture' and 'Landscape' pages. 
 07 February 2014 - I got tired of waiting for the endless rain (which has replaced the British winter this year) to end, so I decided to go out and see what all this rain had done to our lovely local landscape. As luck would have it, the sun came out in the afternoon too, so I did a bit of 'Landscape', 'Architecture' and 'Nature' photography ;-) .
 19 January 2014 -  It's been a while, hasn't it ;-) ? Hardly any new photos to look at in 2013 (and those that I did post weren't all that good). Well, it's a new year and I intend to try a bit harder this year to get back to taking more photos and hopefully, some good ones! The 14 new entries in the 'Landscape' and 'Miscellaneous' sections are from a day out in London with my Brother, Graham (another keen amateur photographer). We wandered along the banks of the river Thames and took advantage of the clear(ish) blue skies to try and capture some colourful scenes.