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 27th November 2015 - Version 4.0 launched. After a month of working on it in my spare time, I have finally finished building my new website, based on an entirely new platform. Not only is it much faster than the old version, but it will also run on mobile phones, tablets or huge PC screens. It should also be a lot more secure than previous versions and with any luck won't ever be hacked again. I hope that my visitors will all approve and (if so) leave their comments on the 'Your Comments" page :-) .

 13th October 2015 - BAD NEWS !!! I can hardly believe my luck, but once again my website has been singled out by hackers and has been redirecting visitors to other (dubious) websites and sending SPAM mails from my email account. I've done my very best to fix it, but I'm an amateur photographer, not a web designer and so much of what needs to be done to clean-up and protect the core files of the website is beyond me and I can't get much help with it. The last time that this happened to me, I ended up building an entirely new website from scratch. I think that I may have to go through all that again :-( .
 11 September 2015 - After my last trip to Dungeness, just four days ago, I started day-dreaming about the possible benefits of visiting the place in the evening with a couple of flash-guns (to try and be more ‘creative’ and not just rely on the available light from the sun). So, armed with a rucksack full of gear, I set off once again for the south coast. My plan was somewhat scuppered, as the sun (which had been shining all day) chose to go behind some low-lying clouds and rob us of a sunset, but I quickly made a new plan and tried using the flash-guns with different coloured ‘gels’ over the lenses, in order to produce some unusual lighting effects. I was knocked out with the final results of the ‘Fire In The Engine Room’ picture (now) on the ‘Architecture’ page and also like some of the illuminated boat pictures on the ‘Landscape’ page. The more ‘traditional’ photos of the working boats finished up on the ‘Vehicles’ page.
07 September 2015 -  Today, I took a trip down to the south-eastern-most corner of England, to take some photos at Dungeness, in Kent. It's a weird place. The once-thriving fishing industry down there appears to be drying up, so there is an uneasy mix of abandoned wooden boats and a few more modern vessels that look to be pretty tired and old themselves. The beach is covered with old machinery too and is a bit of a draw to local photographers who, like me, enjoy looking at piles of old junk :-) . My pictures from the day are all on the 'Landscape' page, except for one abstract on the 'Miscellaneous' page.
 16 July 2015For the last two days, I've been on a motorcycle tour of the Isle of Wight. The riding wasn't brilliant (on account of the weather and the amount of holiday traffic), nor were my attempts at photography. Nevertheless, the few photos that I did take and decide to keep can be seen on the 'Landscape' and 'Miscellaneous' pages.
 04 May 2015Since last autumn, motorcycles have taken over as my main interest in life, leaving photography somewhat behind. Luckily, today I managed to combine the two by taking my camera along with me on the annual Hastings '1066' bike run. This event sees over 40,000 motorcycles enter the town of Hastings during its four day span. Most of them, I suspect, were there today! The few photographs that I took were mostly of 'classic' or performance bikes. They are on the 'Vehicles' page.
 05 February 2015 The latest 'work' that I have produced, photographically, involved more than just a spot of recycling. I haven't been anywhere to take any photos for simply ages, but I really had the urge to produce some 'high contrast' black & white images. So, I went through my entire catalogue of (5,000+) photos and picked out a few that I thought would support being re-processed in b&w with the emphasis on black blacks, white whites and as darker than normal greys to create the dramatic and 'moody' look that I so love. Please go to the 'Black & White' page to view the results.