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4th September 2016 - Today was the day of annual 'Ace Cafe - Brighton Reunion' meeting, held in (of all places) Brighton. Sadly, I didn't get to go there on my vintage motorcycle (as it is off the road at the moment), but at least my modern motorcycle was working (as always) and so at least I was able to travel there on two wheels :-) . I tried to photograph a few bikes, but as everything is parked so close together, that wasn't always easy. Still, there are some new bike pics on the 'Vehicles/Bikes' page. I also did something that I've been meaning to do for ages when in Brighton - I tracked down the famous alleyway (and outside toilet) that played such a pivotal role in the film, "Quadrophenia" and took a couple of pictures (which are now on the 'Miscellaneous' page).


24th July 2016 - I'm afraid that it's more motorbike pictures again this time. A handful of snaps taken at classic bike show/auto-jumble held at Ardingly in West Sussex. I got there too late, just as they were doing the judging and packing up, so there weren't many pics. At least that meant that I didn't have to pay to get in though :-) .

7th July 2016 - Having discovered the affordable miracle that is 'The Eurotunnel train', I have taken the opportunity to take my motorcycle overseas a few times already this year, including two trips to Bruges (in Belgium). I didn't have a camera with me the first time, but on the second trip, I took my new compact camera with me and so was able to get a handful of tourist snaps to add to the 'Travel>Bruges (2016)' page.

3rd July 2016 - Had nothing better to do, so I rode up to Brands Hatch racing circuit and met up with my brother, who was out to enjoy a day of race spectating. I had my new (Panasonic LX100) compact camera with me, so I decided to test it out on some moving and stationary vehicles. The results were just about good enough, in terms of image quality, to post here on the website ... so, you will find a few new piccies on the 'Vehicles>Cars' page.


1st June 2016I decided to streamline the website a bit more, so I have removed the 'Photo of the Month' and 'What's New?' features from the front page, as well as removing the 'Your Comments' section altogether (since no-one was posting anything on it anyway).


2nd May 2016 - OK, it's been a long, long time since I have taken any photographs, but finally I have found something to point the camera at ... motorbikes! Today was the annual 'Hastings 1066 Bike Run' and so I set off to join the other (estimated) 40,000 bikes that visit the town on this day. Sadly, it was drizzling hard all morning and so we all got quite wet and the atmosphere was not as good as last year. I snapped a few of the more unusual bikes that were there and posted them on the 'Vehicles/Bikes' page.