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 This page is designed to show off any images of mine, which other people have seen fit to publish in print (or on the Internet). It should also send a message to any other would-be users of my photographic images that I am only too happy to give permission for other people to use them, provided that they respect certain conditions and don't mind paying the minimal fees which may apply. Any such enquiries should be made via the "Contact Me" function, please.
March 2011 - "Yasmin - Oriental Dancer"
 I took this (and a whole series of other pictures) back in December 2010, with a view to improving my skills at portraiture, as well as to provide some new photos for the website of my boss's daughter, Yasmin. Her website is undergoing a bit of a re-design at the moment, but I'm flattered that all of the previous images have now been replaced by the photographs from our December shoot.
 So, if you live in Germany and want to hire an excellent belly dancer, look no further than here ...
February 2011 - Tim Isaac's Camera Accessories Website
 OK, I have to admit that this particular entry to my 'Published Images' page is less about good photography and more about a good photographic product.
 Tim Isaac runs a small(ish) business in Seattle, making specialised camera accessories, mostly for use on the Leica brand (Link ...). He also manufactures a very useful item, suitable for almost any (old style) SLR camera, called the "Bug" soft release. You can read more about this on my 'Camera Equipment' page (under the heading, "Other Accessories"), but essentially, this device enables the user to hold the camera in a more stable way and to 'squeeze off' shots in a similar way to the way that marksmen squeeze the trigger of a target pistol. In the case of photography in low light, this really helps to avoid blurred images caused by (the dreaded) camera shake.
 Anyway, I wrote to Mr. Isaac to congratulate him on producing such a useful product (and one that is hard to find elsewhere) and included a snapshot of my red "Bug", atop my chrome Nikon FE film SLR. He liked the picture and was kind enough to add it (plus some others that I sent him), along with my name, to the 'Customers Cameras' section of his website (Link ...)
 I hope that this will serve to bring this product to the attention of other SLR users and not just to those using Leica brand rangefinders (seemingly the target market for these devices).
August 2010 - "Planet Emily"
 'Planet Emily' were one of several bands that I went to watch at the 'Fete de la Musique', in Hannover city centre, back in August 2010. I liked them! They were full of youthful exuberance and reminded me of the burning ambition that I had at their age to go out and play in a rock band. They were also all very photogenic and put on a great show.
 I'd taken my D700 camera along, fitted with the 70-200mm f/2.8 lens, and was determined to try and get some decent shots of the best performers. 'Planet Emily' had the stage just outside the front of Hannover's main train station and, as luck would have it, they also had the best light! I must have taken over 100 photos during their entire set, but it was hard to get their eyes in focus every time (essential in any kind of facial portrait), as they were such an energetic bunch and were bouncing all over the stage - great news for rock fans; not so great for budding photographers!
 Anyway, after I'd picked out the best of the bunch, I put them on the 'People' page of my website and then wrote to the band (via the 'Contact Us' page of their website) and told them (in my very best German) that they were welcome to download the photos from my website and use them in any way that they wanted to. I didn't hear anything back from them, despite having included my email address in my message to them, and after a while I forgot all about it...
 Today (27.10.2010), I mentioned in passing to my brother, Graham, that I had done some gig photography in the summer and had written to two bands, but heard nothing back from either of them. I mentioned the bands by name ('Schneewittchen' were the other band, by the way) and I suppose that he must have gone and checked the bands' websites, as he wrote an email back to me to tell me that my pictures were actually displayed on the Official Planet Emily Homepage.
 I was really flattered to learn that the band (or at least the Editor of their website) thought enough of my pictures to include them on the band's home page, given that they have a lot of much better publicity photographs available, taken in a studio by a professional photographer. I hope that this band go on to do really well - they deserve it!
February 2010 - "It's My Photo Dammit"!
 The story behind how I came to have my first ever photograph published, is probably as unlikely as it is true (i.e. very) ...
 The day after Independence Day (i.e. on 5th July 2009), I got an email via the "Contact Me" page of this website, which read:
 "Hi Andy! I'm a songwriter from Nashville, and I'm working on my first CD. I was looking for a negative image photo to use on the back of my CD cover when I came across your photo, Christ All-Whitey!
 Would it be possible for me to use your photo if I credited you on the CD cover?
 Tim O'Connell
Tall Dark Ranger Music
 My first thought was that it was probably a 'wind-up' of some kind, as I didn't even know (at that time) that my website was search-able by Google search. Apparently though, it was! What was also apparent (after further investigation) was that Tim O'Connell was very much 'for real' and had already achieved a great deal in terms of song writing success, by having one of his songs recorded by the late, great Johnny Cash and by having received no less than two "American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers" awards! As it happens, I'm a bit of an admirer of Johnny Cash (well, I have the "The Man Comes Around" album and the DVD of "Walk the Line", if that counts for anything), so I was pretty stoked about the whole idea.
 Well, it took a while for the recording process to be completed and then there was a further wait whilst the album was mixed and the cover artwork sent off to the printers (who did a fantastic job, first time around ... right Tim ;-) ?), but finally in February, the CD was ready for release. One day after the first anniversary of this website, the parcel with my own copies of the CD arrived in my mail box. Now I know what it feels like to be a parent, cradling a new-born infant in my arms. OK, I've gone too far now ...
 Anyway, here are some shots of the actual CD cover, featuring my photograph of Christ and even my own personal credit on the sleeve notes (I've dreamed of getting a sleeve note credit, ever since my earliest years of working in record shops and spending hours reading the small print on the sleeves of every album that I ever loved).
 As for the music on the album itself, if you're the kind of person who can appreciate solid country rock, blues, gospel and great ballad song writing, coupled with great musicianship, then this is definitely going to float your boat! I've actually listened to the CD six times in a row (whilst typing some emails and putting this page together) and already I feel that I've known these songs since childhood. That's surely the mark of a highly skilled 'Writer of Songs'. OK, I'm grovelling now and there's really no need - I've had my 'payment' ;-).
 If you are interested to know more about Tim O'Connell's life and work, you can read about him here on his website ...
 Or, if you're the adventurous type with cash to burn, you could always pop over to this website and download a track (or 10).